(Full Guide) How Much is a Refrigerator Worth in Scrap

(Full Guide) How Much is a Refrigerator Worth in Scrap?

Do you know that the old & unused refrigerators in your garage or basements can be worth more than their storage capacity?

Yes, in the world of scrap metal recycling, old & faulty appliances can pay off well, depending on several factors.

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However, the value of a scrapped refrigerator can vary from $20 to $100, depending on its condition, age, and weight. It must be noted that this price changes significantly according to your location & local metal scrapyards. 

Nevertheless, in this guide, you’ll know the main factors that can pay you off even in a scarp. So, take your time & explore the world of the scarp industry as deeply as you can.

Factors That Determine The Scrap Value Of Refrigerators

Scrap Value Of Refrigerators

Here, check out the major factors on the value of your scrap-based refrigerators that can pay you off well

1. Condition & Functionality

  • Talking about the condition, scratches, dents, and bents can lower the prices of your appliances.
  • If the refrigerator is functional, it might pay well. But if not, it can also lower the scrap value of such appliances.
  • You can get an amazing lump sum if the fridge compressor is still working.

2. Brand & Version

  • Branded body composition can make you good money. It uses high-quality materials, thus allowing a better scrap for recycling purposes.
  • The older the version, the less it would be worth as compared to the new models of refrigerators, which are more in demand.

3. Size & Weight

  • The larger the body, the more metal composition it would have. As a result, it would cost more even as a scrap.
  • The same goes for the weight features; the heavier the appliance, it would have more metal manufacture. Thus leading to more cost.

How to Sell Refrigerator Scrap on High Prices?

How to Sell Refrigerator Scrap on High Prices
  1. Start by researching your local metal scrap recycling centers. Change your location & look for the scrapyards that offer the best money for your scraped appliances.
  2. Look out for the centers having a variation in their policies. Check out if they buy both functional & non-functional refrigerators.
  3. Let them check the weight & metal features. Ask for advanced payments and bonuses if you think they are giving the best money. Here, you can also eliminate the Dolly & other rubber supports of these scrap-based refrigerators.
  4. Consider asking for the transportation cost of these appliances to these scrapyards. Such as car gas costs & your energy to pick up and transfer this big junk.
  5. Don’t be over-smart by asking for money if they do have a pick service of their own.

How to Purchase a Refrigerator Scrap Properly?

For purchasing a scraped Appliance, start by checking its condition, whether functional or not.

Measure its weight properly, and check the amount of metal in its scarp. Then, start offering money on a low budget but with a bargaining option.

Consult the user for its major specifications on how long they have used this appliance. Once the deal is done, request the user to put the refrigerator accessories & supports in the deal.

Otherwise, they won’t be his needs anymore. You can buy metal as well on this latest price list.

Type of MetalPrice Range (per pound)
Aluminum$0.40 – $0.80
Copper$2.50 – $4.50
Brass$1.50 – $2.50
Stainless Steel$0.30 – $0.60
Steel (Light Iron)$0.05 – $0.10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most valuable part of a fridge is its compressor. It is filled with aluminum & copper-coated layers, making you around $20-$35. Moreover, the copper wiring in the tube of refrigerators can also cost about $1-$3 per pound.

Plus, the stainless steel body and condenser coils are the most recycled parts of any fridge. You can sell them even as a scrap for about $8-$10. If you want some extra pennies, you can give away the rubber edge coatings & the dolly as well.

The scrapyards make sure to open all parts of these old refrigerators. Then, they look for every extract of copper, aluminum, & silver.

They melt all these metals & clean their mixture, which is then sold for making new products.

Moreover, the body is broken down into pieces & it is also to make new & versatile products. However, the remaining parts that can’t be recycled are disposed of according to proper guidelines to keep the environment safe & sound.


The value of a scrapped refrigerator can range from $20 to $100, depending on its condition, age, weight, and brand. 

Factors such as size and functionality also play a significant role. Researching local scrap metal recycling centers to get the best deal for your appliance is essential. 

The most valuable parts are the compressor and copper wiring, which can fetch a good price even as scrap.

Ultimately, scrapping an old refrigerator can be profitable while contributing to environmental conservation through recycling.

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