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LG vs Bosch Dishwasher (A Detailed Guide)

Are you willing to buy a dishwasher but don’t know which company offers the best one?

I’ll help you out. In the dishwasher market, LG and Bosch are the top contenders due to their exceptional performance and smart features. 

However, these, too, have some advantages and disadvantages over others. I’ll walk you over these differences so you can make sure that you pick the best one for yourself.

The top defining properties of any dishwasher are how quiet they perform their operation, how they look in the kitchen and do they suit the kitchen aesthetic, how good they are at the cleaning and drying capabilities, and, of course, what are their price points.

In this article, I will walk you through all these aspects, recommending my top choice based on these aspects and what both companies’ dishwashers are like. Let’s get started.

Comparison Table: LG vs Bosch Dishwasher

Comparison CriteriaLG DishwasherBosch Dishwasher
Quiet Operation44 dB – 48 dB38 dB
DesignLG Studio and LG Signature conceptWide range of designs and customization options
Cleaning and DryingSmart features, stainless-steel interiorsAdvanced cleaning and drying functionalities, stainless-steel interiors
PricingStarting from $580, high-end models at $1,500+Starting from $450, high-end models at $1,000+

Based on the comparison, Bosch comes out on top for its quieter operation, diverse design options, advanced cleaning and drying functionalities, and slightly more affordable pricing. 

However, personal preference and brand loyalty can also affect the final decision. Both LG and Bosch offer good quality dishwashers, ensuring a satisfactory experience.

LG vs Bosch Dishwasher: A Full Comparison

LG vs Bosch Dishwasher

1. Quiet Operation

When you switch on a dishwasher, you don’t need it to sound like a rocket starting up in your kitchen. That’s why how much noise it makes is important.

Their noise can be measured in decibels, or dB for short. The lower the number, the quieter the machine.

For reference, a normal conversation is around 55 dB. What you need is something under 45 dB for a peaceful kitchen.

Bosch has a whole bunch of really quiet dishwashers, around 38 dB. LG’s dishwashers are okay, too, but they’re a little louder, generally between 44 dB and 48 dB. Even LG’s fancier model, the LG Signature, hits 40 dB.

The winner here is Bosch. They have a huge lineup of dishwashers that will not disturb your conversations or quiet moments at home.

If you are all about quiet inside the kitchen, Bosch is your go-to choice for a calmer dishwasher experience.

2. Design

LG has two cool design concepts: LG Studio and LG Signature. These special editions give your kitchen a graceful and modern vibe.

The LG Studio adds artistic touches to your appliances. It makes them stand out with unique lines and upgraded functions. 

On the other hand, LG Signature is pure luxury. It’s like having appliances that look straight out of a fancy designer magazine—stunning.

Bosch doesn’t hold back when it comes to providing you with options. They’ve got dishwashers for every style and budget.

From the more affordable 100 series that also get the job done to the high-priced Benchmark collection that feels ultra-modern, Bosch covers a whole lot of ground. 

They provide exclusive styles—like front and hidden control—and even have smaller 18-inch dishwashers for cozy areas.

What’s neat is that some Bosch models let you customize the front door of the dishwasher to match your kitchen cabinets.

Whether you want something simple or a statement piece, Bosch’s diverse collection will give you lots to pick from.

3. Cleaning and Drying

Both brands offer different wash cycles and options to fit your needs. They cover everything from quick washes to heavy-duty cleaning, and they have options for saving water and power.

The insides of these dishwashers matter, too. Both Bosch and LG have stainless-steel interiors, which is great for durability and better drying.

When it comes to drying, Bosch uses some fancy tech to make sure your dishes are dry and ready to use.

Both Bosch and LG make use of smart features. From smart apps that let you control the dishwasher with your phone to sensors that figure out the best way to wash your dishes, they have some cool tricks up their sleeves.

My opinion

4. Pricing

LG and Bosch Dishwasher Pricing

For Bosch, the 100 series begins at around $450. It is a budget-friendly alternative without compromising quality.

Moving up the series, the 300 collection might start at around $600, while the 800 series begins at $850. For the top-tier models in the Benchmark collection, prices might exceed $1,000.

For LG, pricing starts around $580 or lower throughout promotions for their front-control dishwashers.

Smart options from LG begin at $715; the LG Studio line could go slightly over $1,000. With its luxurious capabilities, the premium LG Signature series begins at around $1,500.

Both manufacturers offer budget-friendly options, but Bosch has slightly more affordable entry-level models, like the 100 series.

In the mid-range, both manufacturers offer amazing stability of functions and affordability, with Bosch’s 300 and 800 collections and LG’s mid-tier offerings.

For those seeking high-end features and comfort, both Bosch’s Benchmark series and LG’s Signature series offer top-notch products, with LG Signature typically having a higher starting price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bosch dishwashers are quieter compared to LG dishwashers. Bosch models typically operate at around 38 dB, while LG dishwashers range from 44 dB to 48 dB.

Bosch is known for its advanced cleaning and drying functionalities. Their dishwashers incorporate technology to ensure dishes are thoroughly cleaned and properly dried.

Bosch has more affordable entry-level options, such as their 100 series starting from $450. LG dishwashers start at around $580 for front-control models. However, both brands offer a range of price points to accommodate different budgets and needs.


There you have it, a complete breakdown of the LG and Bosch dishwashers. As it is quite evident, my pick is Bosch.

It has a solid design choice, a quiet operation, is good at the cleaning and drying operation, and is relatively better in price. 

But this doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Everyone can have their preference, and LG wins a point in being the older supplier than Bosch.

All in all, whatever you get, both companies deliver good quality, and you will be in safe hands with either of them.

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