GE Dishwasher Start Light Blinking

Guide On GE Dishwasher Start Light Blinking Issues (Fixed!)

The modern GE dishwashers work on various technical features, including using lights to make it easy for users to understand the commands. 

However, in some cases, these lights start to blink or flash constantly upon any instruction. It is quite frustrating, and the users always think about what this means & how to fix this.

Quick Info

The Blinking “Start” light indicates that your GE dishwasher was reset while powered off. This light also blinks when the door is opened, the door latch is broken, and when the water cycle doesn’t work. 

Moreover, the flashing of the start light can refer to other machine problems that are simple to fix.

Light Blinking Patterns In GE Dishwashers – What They Mean?

Blinking PatternMeaning
Start LightThe Dishwasher started a cycle.
Heated Dry LightAn issue with the heating element, sensor, or control board.
Normal Wash LightAn issue with the water inlet valve, pressure, or spray arm.
Clean LightThe cycle finished but not unloaded or door latch issue.
Delay Start LightDelayed start option chosen, waiting to begin.
1 Hour Wash LightIssues with pump, motor, or spray arm.
Rinse Only LightWater supply or inlet valve problem affecting rinsing.

GE Dishwasher Start Light Blinking Error – How to Fix?

GE Dishwasher Start Light Blinking Error 
 How to Fix

The “Start” Light blinking error occurs when your GE dishwasher’s control panel or electric circuit board doesn’t work

It indicates no proper water flow throughout the dishwasher, and the door can’t be closed. It is a common issue, and you can easily fix this by following the steps below.

  • Start by ensuring the dishwasher door is properly closed. If it isn’t closed, the water cycle won’t start, and you can’t clean the dishes.
  • Then, check the water supply.  Be sure to provide immense pressure at first through the inner water valves and inlets. Upon a certain pressure, run testing water power cycles to force all the junk out.
  • Replace the control panel in case it is damaged. The control panel is the main asset in this machine, so inspect it properly before changing it.
  • Last, reset the GE Dishwasher and use the default settings. You can use the manual settings as well for proper cleaning purposes. This would eliminate all the light blinking or flashing errors in your appliance.

GE Dishwasher Beeping & Flashing Issues – How to Fix?

GE Dishwasher Beeping & Flashing Issues

1. Water Temperature Problems

The heating elements inside the dishwashers provide a suitable temperature for the water to clean the dirty dishes easily. 

However, if the temperature is unstable, the light constantly flashes on the control panel with a beeping sound for about 60 seconds. You need to use a check-it-out manually and replace it in case of any error.

2. Damaged Water Inlets & Latches

The starting light once again blinks sharply when the water supply erupts. It generally occurs when the water inlets and water valves are choked due to the junk present in them. 

They slow down the water pressure, and with a constant energy supply, this pressure builds up and ultimately burns out the main control panel.

Moreover, if the door latch is broken, the door can’t be closed. As a result, no water cycle process can be carried on. So, be sure to fix this or get help from a professional.

Why is the start light blinking 5 times on my GE dishwasher?

It indicates that the door isn’t closed properly. As a result, no water cycle pressure is allowed to pass through the water inlets. 

The best solution is to check whether the door latch is fixed. If not, you have to replace it with a new one, then push the door latch inward and hold it for about 3 seconds before pressing the start button.

Why is my GE dishwasher start button flashing?

A flashing start button on a GE dishwasher means there is an issue with the door latch. When the door latch is not engaged correctly, the dishwasher will not start. 

Check if any items are blocking the door from closing properly. Clear the area and try again. The door latch might need a replacement if it still doesn’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Your dishwasher might need more water supply. Make sure your dishwasher water valve is fully turned on and clean.

The float could also be stuck in the up position, which prevents the machine from filling with water. Verify that the float moves freely, and then restart the dishwasher

In case the dishwasher is not responding, resetting is a great option. The process involves pressing the reset button for 3 seconds or unplugging it from the power source for five minutes. It will take you back to the default settings, and you can start afresh.

There might be an issue with the dishwasher controls. Press any key on the control panel to stop the beeping. Check if any buttons are stuck and clean them.

Check and reset the control panel by turning off the circuit breaker for a few minutes then restoring power. Inspect the power cord and wiring, then see if the dishwasher’s motor is stuck, which might require a motor service.


GE dishwashers work tirelessly to clean your dishes efficiently. However, you might need some help with their operation. 

You can troubleshoot and solve any of the issues above to keep your dishwasher working efficiently. 

Remember to refer to the user manual for detailed instructions to avoid damaging the machine. Feel free to seek help from experienced repairers if problems persist. 

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