Explained GE Dishwashers Fed Code (Solved)

Explained GE Dishwasher Fed Code (Solved!)

Have you ever wondered why your GE dishwashers work so smoothly? The secret lies in this Innovative Flood Error Detection (FED) code that maintains the water level inside these dishwashers and supports their functions. 

But why is it crucial for the FED code to remain versatile for these branded GE dishwashers?

Quick Info

The main function of this FED code is to optimize the water and energy usage to tailor each water cycle according to your needs. This code signals the error when there is overload water inside the machine due to a clogged pump or a malfunctioning float switch that can damage the wiring.

Understanding the Importance of GE Dishwasher Fed Code

Importance of GE Dishwasher Fed Code

The FED code is a series of alphanumeric symbols displayed on your appliances in case of technical or physical issues. This code is not only important in determining the water supply irregularities and blocked filters, but it also helps in troubleshooting actions.

As a result, you can simply figure out all water-based problems inside your machines and prevent them from short circuits and burn-outs.

FED CodeMeaning
F1Water heating issue
F2Water leakage or inlet valve problem
F3Drainage or pump malfunction
F4Spray arm or motor issue
F5Overfill or float switch problem
F6Water temperature sensor issue
F7Flow meter or pressure sensor issue
F8Turbidity sensor problem

How To Fix FED Code Errors?

How To Fix dishwasher FED Code Errors

When you encounter any FED (Fault/Error/Display) code, here are some simple steps to easily tackle them. Read this guide thoroughly until the end and discover the main prompts that may help your dishwasher from water problems.

  1. Start by writing down the displayed FED code on your dishwasher. Remember this code is alphanumeric, so it may vary according to different issues that may occur.
  2. Now open the user manual and find out the meaning of your FED code in that list. If you don’t have the list, check it out online.
  3. Another basic step is restarting your device, which may resolve all minor problems. Now, see if the code disappears.
  4. Moving toward the major issues, the FED codes occur due to blocked filters, drains, or spray arms. Open the machine and inspect and clean these components to ensure no junk is clogged.
  5. It is time to check out the water valves and pipes inside the dishwasher. A low-pressure water supply may clog the machine by adding junk every cycle. Use a pressure washer to clean these pipes.
  6. Lastly, electrical problems inside the machines can also lead to different malfunctions. So, consult a professional if you think electrical errors are inside your GE dishwasher and prevent it from burning out.

How to Reset FED Codes In GE Dishwashers?

How to Reset Dishwasher FED Codes

The best way to reset the FED codes inside the GE Dishwashers is to restart the machine. Start by unplugging the device and resting it for a few minutes. 

Then, plug it back and run on default settings. This would generally allow you to resolve all minor issues.

If you still see the FED codes displayed, use a pressure washing technique and force self-cleaning mode to remove the internal junk. Lastly, you can consult a professional and they would then identify the real problem.

How to Read the GE Dishwasher FED Codes?

The real meanings of different FED codes are mentioned above, but here’s what you must follow.

  • Write down the alphanumeric keys.
  • Get a user manual for your GE dishwasher.
  • Find the keys and match them for similarities.
  • Determine their meaning and how to fix them.
  • Use professional help if you are not an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

FED stands for Flood Error Display. When your GE dishwasher faults, it will alert you with a specific code, such as FED.

When you receive this code, you should consult the manual. The manual will guide you on how to solve the problem and restore your dishwasher to its normal functioning.

The GE dishwasher warranty covers parts and labor for one year from purchase. This warranty is only valid for the original owner who has purchased the appliance for personal use in a residential setting.

The warranty does not cover replacement parts, such as dish racks or silverware baskets.

GE appliance model numbers consist of a combination of letters and numbers. This code represents significant features of the appliance, including its size, design, and features.

The model number can tell you a lot about your dishwasher, including its production date, color, and more.


Owning a GE dishwasher is a smart choice for any homeowner. However, understanding the dishwasher’s features, warranties, and model numbers can be challenging for some. 

This guide will give you all the crucial information about your GE dishwasher fed code. 

I hope that now you confidently navigate your appliance and that you will get the most out of your purchase. 

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